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1st Summer in the New Building

What an exciting and memorable season we’ve had at Old Mountain Farm Market! As this was our first official Summer in our new building, we would like to Thank all our loyal customers who came by and explored, in amazement, our enormous new gift shop and found that unique item to purchase for their special person or a treat for themselves. As the Dog Days of Summer shift into full swing and with the emergence of the sounds of Cicadas in the air, it’s time to think about the seasons change; as we approach Autumn here’s some late Summer Garden maintenance thoughts.

Your Garden is still Hungry! Don’t forget to continue to fertilize; Annuals need nourishment to continue to flourish until the first sad frost, and Perennials to build and store energy for next years growing season. We carry the full line of Bumper Crop Products, which include fertilizers, to help support a successful garden, the ingredients in Bumper Crop come from natural resources manufactured in America.

Check the Mulch Levels. Hardwood & Cedar Mulch are natural elements, so it will breakdown and decomposes over time; or did it get washed away from all the heavy rains we’ve experienced this year. Check the levels in your garden, it should be at least 2 to 3 inches deep. Mulch helps prevent weeds and aids in nourishing the soil.

Late Summer Planting. Shrubs with root balls wrapped in burlap can be transplanted from mid August thru September. Bare spots on your lawn should be seeded and covered with top soil then straw so the Grass can establish roots and survive the Winter and be better ready to thrive next Spring. Late July is the perfect time to plant cool weather seeds, such as carrots, beets, turnips, snap beans, radish, endive, kale, rutabagas, and summer squashes. Sow Autumn seeds an inch deeper then ones planted in spring, also best done after rain.

Pinch, Trim, Cut, & Pruning. Pinch back Mint, Oregano, Savory to promote bushier growth. Trim back Raspberry & Blueberry canes that have finished fruiting. Cut Herbs for drying before they flower for better taste. Prune Perennial flowers that have finished their blooms. Careful NOT to Prune Spring blooming Shrubs such as azaleas and rhododendrons.

One of the perks to being on Staff at Old Mountain Farm Market and working so closely with nature is you get a front row seat in welcoming the change of season(s) and appreciating the special beauty each one beholds. Not to mention the view here on a daily basis is absolutely breathtaking, we never get tired of looking at that Old Mountain and invite you and your family to stop by for a visit and take a moment to absorb it’s splendor. So as we relish the end of another wondrous Summer season and look forward to the cool nights and natures new color palate of Autumn; we invite you to check in with us, either by visiting us at the farm, a click on our website, browsing our face book page for updates, special promotions/events, and new product arrival announcements. Thank you again to each and every customer who supported us this season!

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